The Duluth Kennel Club was awarded Centennial Club status by the American Kennel Club in 2022 and was sent a banner to be displayed at the annual all breed conformation shows. Most of the early history has been lost to the club archives. However, we did find the history of the club’s reorganization in 1948. The significance of that year is the ending of World War II, the return of soldiers and the beginning of prosperity and family life. People had time to pursue interests including purebred dogs. This region was a natural for hunting dogs, sled dogs, vermin hunting dogs, farm dogs and family dogs. About this time several clubs emerged not only supporting the interest in dog shows to compare breeding stock but an interest in obedience training and the hunting skills of field and retriever work.

If, in fact, the original Duluth Kennel Club began in 1922 it was most likely due to the lumber and mining barons who brought both wealth to the area and an interest in purebred dogs. The second oldest sporting event in the United States is the Westminster Dog Show beginning in 1877 bringing with it interest in dog shows spreading across the country.

The development of middle-class America after World War II led to the rise of more entries in all areas of dog sports which in turn led to an increase of both popular breeds and the diversity of breeds.

The Duluth Kennel Club is an AKC member club licensed to hold all AKC sponsored events, which include: all breed conformation competitions, obedience, rally and agility trials, and any of the certificates, degrees or titles awarded by AKC for performance and companion dog events. The Constitution and Bylaws states that no member is to profit from the club. For the most part, all service to the club is by volunteers. The Duluth Kennel Club frequently donates to the Canine Health Foundation, Take the Lead or community causes.  The focus of the club is purebred dogs which is supported by preservation breeders to sustain health, wellbeing and breed type.